Messages To Afghans

I asked my Facebook friends to provide messages for you. They sent me these:

“I would tell them thank you for your sacrifice and service. I would also tell them that if they want to be here in America then I believe they should have that right.” -American Civilian

“Your bravery will forever be an honour bestowed with immense gratitude upon you and your family. PS: Living in a new country will be challenging, especially one that invented aerosol cheese, advertising, and square dancing.” – British Civilian

“Tashakor. Words cannot describe the pride I’ve had working for a better Afghanistan alongside you, nor the sorrow I feel for the current situation. American politicians and military leaders may have forgotten you, but those of us who served with you will always remember you.” – US Army Veteran

“Thank you for being the light in a place where there is so much darkness. I pray that you and your family get out safely. I cant imagine what you’re all going through but my prayers and thoughts are always with you all!” -American Civilian

“Lord, please protect these individuals and their families from harm. Provide for their needs and safe transportation. Thank you Lord. Amen.” -American Civilian

“I hope we have the courage, as a society, to pay back what is owed, for all that you have done, and all that you have lost.” -American Civilian

“I am so sorry this is happening. We are sending our heartfelt prayers for your safety.” -American Civilian

“Thank you for everything you did and gave to keep us safe. You are nothing less that the best of humanity! I am so sorry for the situation you are in and I hope you will reach safety soon!” -American Veteran

“I am grateful for the role you served and I am praying for you. You will not be forgotten. Your life is important and valued. God’s love is real.” -American Civilian

“I hope you and your families will soon be in a safe place where you can start to rebuild your lives and plan a future. Many, many, many thanks to you for all that you have done to try to make Afghanistan a better place. I am sure you will find many kind people along this new path you are taking. I wish you all the very best. May your hopes and dreams come true and may you never again see war.” -American Civilian

“Thank you for everything!” -American Civilian