Myself and my Afghan staff in 2017.
Tashakor = “Thank You” in Dari. “Thank You” to all the Afghans who helped us.

Tashakor.org was created in September 2021 by a US Army Combat Veteran and former US Contractor who spent nearly half a decade in Afghanistan with Department of Defense and Department of State. He has many deep connections to Afghanistan. He realized during the evacuation, transit and resettlement of Afghans, that there was no single source for information. He wanted to bridge that gap to provide a single source of to fill that gap for those trying to evacuate Afghans and those Afghans already evacuated. The content on this website is taken from multiple sources. I have tried to provide citations and attributions. If I missed one please let me know. I will update it. I am making this on-the-fly live with any information I get.